“Your creative work is your baby. If anything you’re its baby”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

I work a day job. I’m out of the door by exactly 5:29 am during the week. It sounds appalling to most folks. I’d be lying if if I said that I wasn’t appalled myself at first, especially in the winter. It’s dark and chilly outside while my bed is oh so cozy.

But I’ve been on this positive thinking kick lately. And as I walked to the train earlier this week, in the zero degree weather, I told myself:

These are your golden hours!

It was this celebratory declaration. I’m at my creative peak in the morning. Words and ideas pour out of me with ease. And I get to be up every single morning to enjoy that extra boost! What a blessing!

For months, my train ride was spent trying to fall back asleep. But now that very same morning commute is a daily creative retreat. I’m better for it.

I know I’ve talked before about scheduling your day around you. As I begin to live it out again, I see that it bears repeating. I challenge you to discover and exploit your golden hours in these next few weeks.

Your time likely isn’t the early morning hours, so take note of when you have energy and when you’re most productive. Then plan your day accordingly.

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Be jubilant,


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