Can I let you in on a New Year’s secret? I don’t always like making goals for myself. Yep. The woman who makes a living helping others define and achieve goals isn’t the biggest fan of doing it herself. Does that surprise you?

I have a very task-oriented mindset, and I can get so focused on taking steps towards my goals that I forget to enjoy the process. So I often pass on goals and instead focus on crafting a vision.

When presented with decisions, I ask myself, “Will this bring me closer to or farther from where I want to go?”

That question is a litmus test that keeps me from chasing after shiny objects all year long.

I tried something new this year that worked for me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My vision-setting took place on my living room couch under my favorite red blanket. Once I was settled in,  I asked myself three questions:

  • What does my business look like now?
  • What do I want my business to look like next year?
  • What will have to happen for my business to reach its desired future state?

I had a pretty clear picture of what needed to change after walking through those questions. In fact, I completely nerded out and created new processes and systems for my businesses and my personal brand. It was my kind of wild night.

And I even made a worksheet so that you can define your vision for 2018! Get it here.

Need help getting your brand from current to future state? Say hello! We’ll get a complimentary consultation on the books and brainstorm ways to make 2018 a year worth celebrating for your business.

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