“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Writing these posts is one of my favorite parts of the job.It’s no-holds-barred, this-is-where-I’m-at, real talk.

Let me say that the last two weeks have been a doozy. I’ve felt an exhaustion like I haven’t known in a while. I almost skipped out on writing this but I knew that the process would be beneficial to both you and me.

Life right now is like me being the voice inside Google Maps, constantly reminding myself, “You are here.”

When I started Jubilant,  there were a lot of things that I thought I had to be… older, a full-time entrepreneur, a lover of Twitter. All those perceptions of what I should be made it hard for me to get raw with you, some of my favorite people on the internet.

The whole tension made me feel hypocritical. How could I tell clients to own their brand when I was only doing so half-heartedly?

Today’s newsletter represents a change for me. I’m owning my story so that you can own yours.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

I’m Taylor, the owner of Jubilant, my side hustle. I’m a recent Vanderbilt University graduate who works full-time in a corporate job. Like many of you, my long term (three year) plan is to work for myself.

I want to do a lot more of documenting the ins and outs of having a side hustle and my journey to full-time.

This was part of my story that I needed to own. Your story might be different.

Where are you in life? Are you authentically owning it? Share your thoughts with me by sending me an email at hello@wearejubilant.com.

Be jubilant,


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