I get two kinds of reactions when I talk about processes. Some entrepreneurs get defensive, telling me that they’re all about relationships. Processes turn people into numbers, and that’s not their style. Other people can talk about all the ways they’ve automated their business, but when I ask them what their customers want, they go silent.

You can have both.  A high tech experience doesn’t have to be separate from a high touch experience.  With brand-aligned processes, you can make the customer experience both efficient and enjoyable.

How do you build a brand-aligned process?

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the best place to start when building a brand-aligned process is with feelings.

Define your core feelings. 
How do you want customers or clients to feel as they interact with your brand? These descriptors will serve as your litmus test as you craft your processes. Some of my favorite core feelings are known, empowered, and valued.

Find your mix of tech and touch. 
In 2018, there is no reason to have a completely analog business. Your company should find the combinations of technology and personal touch that work for you. For one organization, I built a process that used automation to gather the key information needed to set up a  prospective client consultation that converted. It’s part art, part science. So don’t be afraid to experiment.

Get feedback.
How do you know that you’ve built a brand-aligned process? You ask! You can get as formal as a survey, or you can sneak questions into conversation. If the responses touch on the core feelings you outlined then you’re on the right track. If not, rework your mix of tech and touch until the feedback aligns to the feelings you set out to create.

In the coming months, I’ll do a deeper dive into each of the steps of building brand-aligned processes.  Comment with your questions so I can share the information that will best serve you!

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