I love making connections. Few things in business feel quite as satisfying as being able to point a colleague to a resource or connect them with another colleague who can meet their needs.

I’ve noticed something about the connections I make, it’s always easiest to make an introduction when I know exactly what the other person does.  They might have a broad scope of work, but they distill it into something bite-sized that is easy for me to remember and share. And so I share it.

This realization caused me to stop and think about referrals in my own brand and business.

How easy am I making it for other people to refer business to me?

I started with a simple question: Am I getting referrals? 

For me, the answer was yes. I have strong communities who are more than willing to send business my way when the opportunity arises.

For you the answer might be no. If that’s the case, I’d challenge you to look at your network and identify any gaps. Do you have relationships with business owners with complimentary products or services? Do you follow up with past clients? Do you refer business to other people in your community?

Then I asked a follow up question: What is the experience like when I get a referral?

Honestly, I realized that I had to ask an answer a lot of clarifying questions before I moved forward with my referral. Questions like, “Is [X] something you do?”

I’d built a community who wanted to give me referrals, but I wasn’t making it easy for them clearly understand my work in order to make the best connections.

So I reworked our website and my elevator pitch, narrowing down Jubilant’s work into three key buckets: brand purpose, visual brand platforms, and brand processes. Much simpler to communicate and to digest.

Find the opportunities for improvement in your own referral pipeline, and make tweaks until you feel like you’re getting your dream clients referred to you.

Remember that everything is test and learn. Try introducing your business differently at a networking event to see if that messaging resonates. Test out new copy in some of your prospective client communications. Keep experimenting until you find the formula that works for you.

Before I sign off, I wanted to let you know that we’re opening a free online community for people who want to infuse their brands with purpose and position themselves for success on their own terms. And you’re invited! If you’re interested, you can sign up here

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