Photo by Marceau Photeau

ju·bi·lant adjective feeling or expressing great joy : very happy

Jubilant is a boutique brand consultancy that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses owners create brands worth celebrating

I’m Matt. You can find me on the left hand side of the photo. I'm Jubilant's Chief Creative Officer and right hand man.

My background is in brand identity, animation, and motion graphics. I studied Film and Digital Media at Loyola University Chicago.

I'm a recovering perfectionist who strengthens brands through compelling detail, color, and storytelling. I've worked with organizations ranging from non-profits to professional sports team to Fortune 100 organizations to give life to their brand stories.

That woman in the bright green jacket? That's me. I’m Taylor, the founder of Jubilant.

I graduated from Vanderbilt with a degree in Human and Organizational Development and Spanish. My academic background taught me to identify areas of opportunities in people and in organizations and to develop solutions. I bring that consultative mindset to all of my work.

My past experiences include public relations, social media marketing, and brand strategy. I've worked at a Fortune 100 and been the first full-time employee at the startup. My clients have ranged from small business owners, to an angel investor group, to a hardware company that's over 100 years old  to help them bring their brands to life.