Marketing strategies for mission-driven organizations ready to level up

Our collaborative approach creates brands that are a cause for celebration




Gain Clarity

Understand the core of why your brand exists and what it stands for through brand visioning, competitive analysis, and customer research. We'll get clear on who you are so that you can better connect with customers who will love what you do.

Refine Strategy

Identify the key activities that will drive success and build strategies around them. We're here to help with social media, public relations, and influencer marketing. Discover the marketing mix that creates meaningful impact for your organization.

Share Boldly

Reach people who believe in your mission and vision through integrated marketing campaigns. Turn potential customers into customers and customers into ambassadors. Then keep them engaged with the good work your organization does.



I’m Taylor, the one woman show behind Jubilant.

I graduated from Vanderbilt with a degree in Human and Organizational Development and Spanish. My past experiences include public relations, social media marketing, and brand strategy.

You can find me at the intersection of creative and analytic, which means that I have many passions. I've been starting businesses since the age of seven. As I grew up, I realized that all of my business ventures centered around one idea: helping other people thrive. Jubilant is the culmination of years of exploration, successes, and failures.

I believe in dreamers. That’s my dream actually, to see other people’s business ideas transform into a thriving reality.  So I created a business where I get to share dreams over cups of tea and help my clients bring them into existence. It’s the best.

When I'm not working, you'll find me reading a book, sharing time with friends and family, trying a new HIIT workout, or listening to one of my favorite podcasts.

I can't wait to meet you!